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On behalf of the board of directors and Twenty Pearls, Incorporated members, I am delighted to welcome you to our official website. As you visit the website, I invite you to acquaint yourself with the many services the foundation provides to the community and its citizens. Twenty Pearls, Incorporated is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax-exempt foundation that uses contributed funds to promote and aid in academics, educational scholarships, and community service programs in education, health, and strengthening families. The foundation prides itself on establishing and maintaining community partnerships to foster its goals and services. The mission of Twenty Pearls, Incorporated is clear, and our members hold steadfast to ensuring that the needs of our community are met. I am proud to serve along with the more than two (2) hundred members of Twenty Pearls, Incorporated, and overwhelmed to lead the charge of our great mission of charity and educational purposes within Portsmouth, Virginia, and surrounding areas. Thank you for taking the time to explore Twenty Pearls, Incorporated. We hope you will consider becoming a donor and community partner as we strive to continue to meet the community's needs.
In service,
Tanya Weaver
Foundation President

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Founded in October 2006, Twenty Pearls, Inc. allows contributors and supporters to make tax-deductible contributions. These contributions fund academic and need-based educational scholarships and community service programs in the following target areas: the arts, economics, education, health, and strengthening the black family.

Twenty Pearls Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Foundation. To view our tax-exempt status determination letter, click here.*



Twenty Pearls, Inc. was developed for charitable and educational purposes, which include sponsoring and promoting programs that serve residents of the city of Portsmouth, Virginia, and surrounding communities in the areas of education, health, economics, cultural, and civic life.

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Many thanks to Twenty Pearls Incorporated for the unwavering support of our Foster Care Program and families in need. 

Portsmouth Department of Social Services Foster Care 


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